What courses will run at CUP?

Taster Session = £40 inc 3 pots glazed and fired

One day course = £95 inc 4 pots glazed and fired and a delicious lunch

10 Week ‘Ceramics for all’ course = £200 plus glazing and firing fees.

One week Intensive course = £240 plus glazing and firing fees.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced courses in hand building and throwing detailed below! To book courses please email info@cupceramics.com

Unless specified as included in the price of a course, the finished pots you create on our courses will have an additional fee of £6.50 per kilo (finished weight) to cover costs of labour, glazing and firing. Thank you.


This taster course is for individuals, couples, families and friends and is a fantastic opportunity to get your hands in some clay, as well as making something fun and useful.  Learn about pottery processes and techniques, and gain practical experience of working with clay. Anything made can be dried, fired and glazed for you to collect at a later date or you can return for a glazing class.

 You will hand build pots and take turns to use the potters wheels. Up to 12 people per session, aprons provided.  

At the end of the session you will select 3 of your best pots to be left at CUP for firing and glazing. Extra items may be fired and collected by you at a cost of £6.50 per kilo.

Upcoming courses:

Sunday September 1st 2019: 10am-12.30pm

Cost: £40

Courses will run if with a minimum of 3 participants.


If you are new to clay this course will introduce you to making pots on a wheel - throwing, and hand-building pots . If you already have some experience this course will enable you to practice what you already know and extend your knowledge.

The day will consist of demonstrations of throwing on the wheel and hand building  techniques by Pat Thompson with plenty of time for practice and coaching throughout the day. Class size will be up to 12 people. 

There will be tea and coffee breaks with a delicious lunch provided. (Please inform us of any dietary requirements)

This course is really for anyone, those entirely new to throwing as well as those with experience. You can go along at your own pace once you've seen demonstrations. Everyone can have a go and achieve something they are proud of, whilst exploring a new and satisfying hobby and a known relaxant and stress-busting activity. 

At the end of the day you will select 4 of your best pots to be left at CUP for firing and glazing.  Extra items may be fired and collected at £6.50 per kilo.

Courses will run if with a minimum of 4 participants.

Upcoming courses:

Sunday June 9th 2019 10am -4pm

Sunday July 28th 2019 10am-4pm

Cost: £95


We run a ‘ceramics for all’ course all year round which is designed to lead into studio membership. Our course leader and experienced ceramicist and educationalist Pat Thompson of 'All year round pottery' will handle the development of your skills and the conveying of our ethos with her very capable hands. This course is ideal for you if you are looking for an extensive introduction to throwing and hand building or just to refresh rusty skills.

This ten week beginner’s course will guide you through the basics of pottery techniques, using both hand-building and wheel-throwing.

At the beginning of each pottery lesson there is a demonstration of a technique to be used in the class. You will then be able to create your own unique piece using the technique you have been shown or work on your own project. Techniques include pinch pots, slab work, surface decoration & wheel work.

During the 10-week course we will progress through the following:

An introduction to the studio and equipment, looking at the clays and glazes used at CUP

An introduction to clay preparation: wedging and kneading as a preliminary to further clay work.

Wheel work demonstrations of basic centring techniques and practising these techniques demonstrations of thrown forms on the wheel: a cylinder, followed by individual practise a bowl, followed by individual practise a plate, followed by individual practise learning to trim and finish a pot, learning to pull and apply handles of different shapes and types pulling a pouring spout on jugs

Hand building demonstrations of pinch pots and practising these techniques demonstrations of coil pots and practising these techniques demonstrations of slab-rolling and practising these techniques

Surface decoration

There are many different ways to decorate your pots both before and after bisque firing. We will explore many of these, and you will have ample opportunity to practise on your own pots.

The groups are small, friendly & informal, with a maximum of seven students per class so that we can provide you with ample support & encouragement.

In the last two sessions of the course there will be an opportunity to explore the CUP glazes and learn basics in applying glaze to a selection of your bisque-fired pots. There will be a charge of £6.50 per kilo for all finished pottery. The whole process from making to finished work ready for you to take home takes several weeks.

All equipment, tools & storage space will be provided. Please bring your own apron, towel, notebook and pen.

Classes will be 2 ½ hours, allowing 2 hours work, 15 min break, and 15 min clear-up.

Upcoming courses:

Thursday September 19th 2019 6.30-9pm

Monday October 7th 2019 6.30-9pm

Cost: £200

One week intensive course

If you can’t commit to a 10 week course, why not try our One week Intensive course?

This condenses all of the content of a 10 week course listed above into 6 days! There will be 5 consecutive days of intensive hand building and throwing resulting in rapid progress. You will then return two weeks later to learn how to glaze your own bisque fired pots.

Lunch will not be provided for this course so bring a packed lunch or enjoy some delicious food in our on site cafe.

Upcoming courses:

Monday August 5th-Friday August 9th 10am -4pm Plus Sunday 25th August 10am -12.30pm to return to glaze the pots after they have been bisque fired.

Master classes: CUP aims to run regular masterclasses in throwing, hand-building, glazing and firing as well as hosting guest speakers from expert artists from all over the UK. Discounts for all master classes educational events will apply to contracted members. Contact us for details: info@cupceramics.com