Our mission is to provide access to making ceramics for all in Herefordshire. 

At the heart of CUP Ceramics Community is social, economic and environmental sustainability. To achieve this it will provide space and facilities for Herefordshire communities to develop practical skills and gain therapeutic benefits of creating ceramics. For a monthly fee, members will have access to excellent quality kilns, wheels, hand building equipment, glazes and advice from trained staff facilitating full development of over time. We will also create opportunities for members to sell their products, share knowledge and experiences in an inclusive artistic community. Beginner, intermediate and master class courses will be available on site.  In addition, CUP will provide a catering service of teas, coffees and snacks to members, other businesses on the estate and the local community.

CUP is a social enterprise so profits will be focused towards the community and we will endeavour to provide spotlight sessions for hard to reach groups in Herefordshire . CUP seeks environmental sustainability so energy sources and features of our business will always look to have the minimum impact on the environment. 

CUP will always provide excellent facilities, mentoring and teaching in an inclusive, relaxed and creative space. Due to or unique service, a wide range of the community will benefit. Hard to reach groups will benefit from the therapeutic nature of the experiences as well as learn new skills. The members will learn and develop skills, the artistic community will benefit and be supported to survive difficult times of poor funding and expensive courses, the local community will benefit from having a more vibrant and joined up grassroots business and artistic community. The board of directors will carefully consider the groups of the community to target and the potential impacts on the environment in order to maintain an economically and environmentally sustainable business. 


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