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  • Studio capacity is currently capped at 7 members and 3 staff per session. There will be maximum of 3 people in the glaze room at any time and 3 people per making table.  This is to ensure that adequate distance between people can be achieved. 

  • We offer 24 hour access Tuesday-Sunday. There will be 2 hour sessions throughout the day (9am-9pm), and an all night slot of 9pm-9am, all with a maximum of 7 places. You will need to book into the sessions you want online, using the "studio booking slots" tab on the website home screen. 

  • Members will be able to open up and close the studio out of staff hours using the key kept in the key safe. The key safe is located to the left of the yoga entrance door tucked around the side of the building. Contact Col for key code.

  • Please do not come in to the studio for at least 10 days if you have any symptoms. 

  • Please bring and wear your own face mask when in the building if you are recovering from covid. 

  • Please wash hands thoroughly with soap and water on arrival and continue to do so throughout your session. 

  • Please thoroughly wash any equipment and tools that you use, dry and put back again. there should be nothing left on the drainage board. 

  • Please use your own tools. If you don't, we have a tool shop in house where you can purchase necessary tools.


All courses and sessions will be going ahead again from 12th April 20201 with the same expectations and restrictions as for our Members plus these additional points:

  • Please don't come to your session if you are showing any symptoms. Let us know and we can make re-arrangements. 

  • Maximum capacity for any session is 12 persons allowing for adequate social distancing.

  • Maximum 6 participants in the cafe area at any one time 

  • If you need to miss your one off session due to the implications of Covid-19, you can rebook your session at no additional cost but no refund can be given. 

  • If you contract Covid 19 whilst on a long course, please notify us immediately as it will need to be postponed for all participants whilst essential self isolation takes place. 

Any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask and I will do my best to facilitate. 

Col Hamilton (Founder and MD)

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