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time exchange

We offer time exchange positions to those with ceramics knowledge that are willing to exchange time and skills for studio access. This allows those who may not have the means to become a member, or those waiting for a membership place to become available, to become a part of our wide and varied community.

This exchange of time and skills benefits the studio by aiding in the day to day running, benefits members by introducing a wider variety of skill sets to the community, and of course our mentors by providing access to a fully equipped studio and the wonderful community within it. 

The role of mentors is built around the ceramics knowledge they have, and jobs are as varied as they get! On any given day you may be needed to help out in the cafe, do some mopping, mix glazes, provide guidance to members as they learn, create work for public events, and much more!

These positions are offered out on a person to person basis, and are subject to a trial period.

If you feel you would be a good fit four our team, please contact us using the form here, using time exchange as the subject.

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