Make ceramics at home with our Clay At Home Kits

This is the perfect way to access making with clay under the current restrictions due to Covid 19 or if it's not possible to get to our studio when the lockdown is lifted! The kits and online tutorial is designed for beginners of all ages.

You'll gain access to an exclusive series of videos showing you some basic techniques of hand building along with showing you the decorative/illustrative technique of Sgraffito (scratching into coloured slips) allowing you to put your own mark on your pots.  However, you're very welcome to experiment and make something more ambitious! The only rules are that it needs to be made of only the clay and slips included in your pack.





Your cup clay at home kit includes:

● 1 kg of stoneware clay (enough to build 2 or 3 small items or 1 larger item)

● Two pots of coloured slip for sgraffito (decorative scratching)

● A link and password to your exclusive online tutorials


Things to Know:

● In order to return your creations for kiln firing they will need to fit in the box (20cm x 10cm x 10 cm). If you make them a bit too big then you will need to provide your own box to return them in.


● Make sure that you scratch in your initials into your creations so we can identify them and include your name and address on a piece of paper with your items when you return them for firing

● DELIVERY OPTIONS- We have teamed up with local bicycle delivery company Pedicargo who will deliver within the city limits every Thursday, there will be a charge for this. Alternatively you can pick up your clay kits from outside the studio on Tuesday-Friday 9am-9pm or Saturday 12.30pm-5pm Dropping off finished items for firing can be made at any time to our black metal drop box outside our main large glass studio doors under our sign at Unit 10 Foley Trading Estate, Hereford, HR1 2RU - down the right hand side of Hereford Yoga centre and next to The Core roller skating hub. If you live further afield and need delivery - get in touch and we can try and get one to you!


● The price of your kit includes kiln firing of your pots so you that you can keep and use it forever! You can drop off your finished pieces at any time in our black drop off box outside the studio. Once your items have been dropped off, allow up to 4 weeks for us to dry and fire your wonderful creations. We will be in touch when they are ready and it will be worth the wait!

● It would be lovely if you could send us some photos of you making at home so we can share them on our website and social media platforms with our creative community. Follow us on instagram/cupceramics and Facebook/cupceramics.

You can find the tutorials HERE (have your password handy)

Clay At Home Kit

Clay At Home Kit


Donate £5 towards providing Clay At Home kits to vulnerable and at risk members of the community

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