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Got a question that needs answered?

Try here or the handbook if you can't get your hands on staff!

  • Can we resolve the parking problems?
    Unfortunately not! We encourage all our members to travel actively or ride share to the studio to ease up on congestion. The parking alongside the building belongs to Hereford Yoga, who we rent our unit from. Our rental agreement states that we must give way during class times, which can be found on their website, or on flyers in their foyer (handy to have in the car!). Pressure has eased since Packit and Pink Mountain have closed down, however it can still be hectic on the estate around after school club times in the evenings. Parking can also be found round the mechanics after 5pm and on the weekends.
  • Do I need to bring my own tools?
    Yup! We can supply some very basic tools if you forget your own, and we have some beginner tools for sale in the studio too.
  • Can I exhibit in the gallery or during an exhibition?
    Of course you can! From 2023 we have introduced application forms for the gallery and hArt to even the playing field and open up the process of selling to all! We ask for some basic information that many other galleries or events would ask from you as a maker that help us advertise on social media. All applications will be considered and responded to in good time. Applications for exhibitions are advertised head of each individual event.
  • Can I bring a friend along?
    Yes! For £10ph you can bring a guest along to pot with you provided there are sufficient booking slots! You must take responsibility for this individual and their behaviour/ actions during their time in the studio. Ware can be fired at the usual £3.50 per litre or as a part of your own allowance.
  • Can we get some additional wheels in the studio?
    They're coming as soon as we get funding for a mezzanine! We are always actively looking for funding to expand internally, to reduce the pressure of classes on members use of the studio. Currently we do not have the space to host more wheels in the studio, however the majority of classes allow for use of the glaze room and at least one handbuilding table while teaching is going on. Where this isn't possible, we always communicate as far in advance as possible.
  • Can we add more tiers of membership?
    Unfortunately it is again a capacity and demand issue. Everything in the studio rotates around how many shelving units we can fit in the studio and how often we can fire our kilns; and we are for the time being maxed out. We understand that many people may not be able to commit to the jump between 4 to 12 hours, but we cannot fit another kiln in the studio without sacrificing making space or members shelves.
  • Can we communicate events or classes farther ahead than a weekly message?
    The weekly messages began as a gentle reminder of what is on, as we have opened up access to members as much as possible during classes from January 2023. Our regularly recurring class times are available for all to check on the website from January each year. They are also on the courses board in the studio. One off or specialist classes are advertised on the website and within the WhatsApp as soon as we have them organised, generally at least one month in advance. Our regular events are available for all to check on the website from January each year. They are also on the courses board in the studio. Attending these events is appreciated; as visitors with family or friends, or give us a hand by volunteering! We have one week long period where the studio is closed during hArt in September each year, this greatly raises the profile of the studio to potential members or casual visitors to events. Carrying over hours from this week is permitted.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Members receive discounts and advance booking on all specialist courses. For those on UC or other benefits, or students, we also offer a 15% discount on receipt of proof.
  • Can I cancel my booking slot?
    Yes! Booking slots can be cancelled via the link in the confirmation email.
  • Can studio slots be more flexible?
    We have reduced the time on each slot from their initial four hours. If you only have use for an hour or less from each slot, please just book and use the time needed. You can always cancel your slot from the booking confirmation email if the studio seems busy when you leave. Booking slots are used to manage capacity of the studio rather than to track your use of the studio, which is managed on trust.
  • Do I have to book in to cover my pots/ drop pots off/ collect pots?
    Nope! You can nip into the studio any time you need to do a quick job like this! Anything that requires use of the studio materials or equipment will need to be done in a booked session.
  • Can I change my membership tier?
    You can! Just check with senior staff that there is availability for you to move up or down tiers before you make payment.
  • Can under 18s be members?
    Yes! We can support 16-17 year olds in the studio space. They must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Can I pause my membership?
    We judge these requests on a case by case basis, so please contact us if you feel you need to pause your membership. If approved it is always under the condition that your shelf may be reallocated should it be in. demand.
  • How much is membership?
    Please refer to the membership page on the website, or have a nosey at different options available in the bookings page in the members area.
  • I need to cancel my subscription!
    Head to your profile picture (top right of the page, with the bell, figure, and downward arrow), click, scroll down to "My Subscriptions", You can view and manage all historic and active subscriptions here
  • Can I fire my porcelain to 1300?
    Yes! Provided you, or yourself and another member have enough ware to fill little ann, we are happy to do a 1300 firing.
  • Can I bring my own clay?
    Unfortunately not. We buy in and test all clays for suitability before selling to members to ensure reliable* results. *As reliable as pottery can be
  • Can I fire earthenware clay?
    Unfortunately not, we fire as standard to stoneware temperatures.
  • Can I bring in my own glazes?
    By negotiation with staff. Please inform staff of glazes you wish to use in the studio. They must be thoroughly tested before regular use can occur. All glazes must fire to cone 6 (not 06) and be safe to fire in the studio.
  • Can you supply better glazes?
    All of our glazes are developed slowly and consistently to ensure the best results across the wide range of clay bodies that we supply. They are also developed to be cost efficient to work in line with current membership prices. If you wish to get bold reds, pinks, or purples, we advise sourcing your own as they are incredibly hard to make work, and expensive to make, at stoneware temperatures.
  • Can I hire a kiln?
    provided we have the capacity, yes you can! Athena & Hestia A members half kiln is £55 A members full kiln is £95 Little Ann £50
  • Why hasn't my work been fired?
    If your work is large, or irregularly shaped it may have to wait until there is an appropriate space in the kiln to fire it, as we have to pack as efficiently as possible. We recommend allowing at least 8 weeks for your work to move through the kiln systems, longer if it is large or irregularly shaped. During peak seasons (late summer, mid winter) please add an extra week to this due to extra demands on our studio systems.
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